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CIFS file access problem

Question asked by zokstuzla on Jan 26, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2010 by zokstuzla
Hello all,

I am having problems in editing office 2007 ( word, excel ) files directly in CIFS mapped folders. Every time I tried to edit file directly I got the error 'The file is in use. Try again later'
When editing new version of office files ( docx ) I got a message 'file_name is lock for editing by 'another user'…'
Of course, no one is accessing these files at the same time, only one user.
All of these actions are done as 'admin' user.

Does it have to do something with CIFS configuration, is it some network issue or it has something to do with office 2007 ?

Please help, any advice would be usefull.
Zoran Kuret