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Change in associated target is not invalidated for source

Question asked by sam1980 on Jan 19, 2012
Alfresco version 4.c Community
Alfresco repos is running in Tomcat, the webapp in Glassfish.

Clean install of the wcmqs demo website with the Government content imported

Steps to reproduce:
1. Go to a news article, i.e /en/news/jobs-and-education/article1.html - Personal finance for College Successa
2. This article has two associated articles under related content; "Home buying schemas - help to buy a home" and "Working and paying tax"
3. Open Alfresco share and change the title of the "Home buying schemas - help to buy a home" news article to something else.
4. Refresh the article from step 1.

Error / Observations:
* The changed title for the  "Home buying schemas - help to buy a home" (changed in step 3) is not reflected in the Related Content listing. I have even seen the old and new title alternating between refreshes (might need some tries, but it happens).
* The title in the Related Content listing becomes correct and consistent if the article in step 1 itself is altered, i.e updated with new content.

As far as my observations go it seems like relatedAssets-method may return stale data for the target unless you make a change to the source of the association.

Has anyone else observed this? I've tried to reduce the cache times to a minimum - and this does not seem to affect or solve the problem.