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Speeding up Developement

Question asked by norgan on Sep 23, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2009 by jck
Hi Folks,
I have spent quite some time in Eclipse during the last days, working through "The Guide". And looking back, I have three main reasons why something did not work even though it should.

  • Typos for fasttyping

  • Typos for false knowing

  • unknown exact name, often resulting in typos
What tools besides copy & paste do you use to ease this burden in your environment ? I am currently using
Eclipse 3.4 with
  • "jBPM & jPDL Tools 3.1.7",

  • Freemarker Editor and "XML Editor  & Tools",

  • "WST XML Core 3.0.4",

  • Teniga javascript 1.0.0,

  • JBoss Freemarker IDE 1.0.2
The tagcompletion is, however, rather bleak. Is there more out there ? Manual extensions or other ?