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Disk space not freed alter moving files from temp folder

Question asked by rchamy on Sep 23, 2009
Good afternoon,

When importing new documents into Alfresco, it stores them in the temp folder prior to definitively move them to contentstore. This is working fine and files are moved when required, but there is a problem with the used disc space.

Even moved files disappear from temp folder, disc space used by them is not restored and it still appears as unavailable, while temp folder continues increasing % of occupancy. As soon as the application server shutdowns, all used space is released and space used by deleted files is restored. It seems like JBoss or JVM keep space locked while it is running. If the used space is not released, temp folder grows until an exception is thrown.

I know there are some issues in Linux related to this when moving (mv) files, but it is not acceptable to require restart of processes that shoud be always running and providing its functionality. This happens in Suse 9 32bit and Alfresco Community 3 under JBoss 4.2.3.

Is there any solution to release the used space without having to restart application server?

Thank you very much in advance.