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versioning implementation

Question asked by ra74 on Sep 23, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2009 by ra74
I'm wondering if it's possible that someone from the alfresco team could describe how versioning in implemented in the alfresco 2.1 from the database point of view. I want to compact our database and
I'm thinking of deleting old history of the nodes. I prefer to do it directly by sql scripts so I can move the rows somewhere and keep them as a backup. I do not want to change/reset versionLabels and I hope that upgrade in the future will be possible
I found that versioned data are stored in alf_node, alf_child_assoc and alf_node_properties but it's not easy to understand how it's working. Usually it's not a problem but this database is too generic
I've even attached spy jdbc driver but hey there're about 300-500 statements generated during creating new version of a node
I can see that deleting specific version from the java code is not supported in 2.1 either. I don't know was it too difficult ?