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Changing role of a user/group

Question asked by sgomez on Sep 26, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2009 by tarl

I am a bit confused on how to change the role of a user or group through webscripts.  I am using roles as described in :

"If you are assigning roles to people and groups you are using roles as a convenient name for a bundle of permissions and other roles. This is what we do in the UI."

From my understanding, there are already predefined roles Alfresco, like Administrator, Contributor, and Consumer.  What I am trying to achieve is change a user "bob" from an Adminstrator role to a Consumer role.  Alternatively, I could assign the Consumer role to a group and put "bob" into that group.  Is there a way to do that through the Javascript API?

I looked through and a few posts through the forums, but found nothing.  I would greatly appreciate any help.