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Trouble with files created and uploaded from OS X

Question asked by on Sep 26, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2015 by ukayer
Good day,

We have trouble with some file formats created and Apple Macintosh OS X [Tiger/Leopars] and uploaded to alfresco  namely with iWorks [*key, *.pages] and Omnigraffle [*.graffle].

Problem that appear:

In case:
1. Of the Importing zip packaged files.
all files uploaded and unzipped by alfresco are looks in alfresco repository as folders NOT FILES.

2. Files Uploaded and then downloaded files from repository are damaged.

In troubleshooting process we are looking for solution but cant find.

I have a comment ti this, which should be important:

These formats looks are compressed folders whith special resource informations in the FIDNER in OS X. If I rename any of the above file formats to zip, then I can unzip them and I can browse in elements as (icon, content etc.)

Maybe we have defined wrong Mime types in alfresco repository config files.

Any other experineces ?