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Parsing an XML Document in get.js file

Question asked by lilyh on Sep 28, 2009
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I have written a web script to load part of a HTML file. Within the web script I need to extract the content from an XML file.
I have attempted to parseXMLDocument within get.html.ftl but came across a similar problem to that of:

Instead of attempting to parse the XML document in the freemarker file, I am now trying to load the XML file in the javascript get.js  file.
I have found a lot of resources on loading XML documents in javascript using a file name but I am now passing in a node and have been unable to find references for this.

Is the latter approach correct (loading XML in the get.js file)? If so, are there any resources on how this is done. If not, any pointers on how it should/could be done will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!