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I see a different (old) repository via CIFS

Question asked by ciberg on Jan 27, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2012 by ciberg

When I try to access Alfresco via CIFS (map a drive) i'm not able to see my repository, instead I see a old version of it.
Let me explin better:
I have a fresh Alfresco 4.0c installation on a CentOS 6 machine (I installed it using the installer) and the objective is to transfer all the info from a old 3.4 installation to this new server.

After the installation I tested it and created a folder, after seeing it was all right I:
- Copied the Alfresco 3.4 repository to the new server
- Dumped the Alfresco 3.4 MySQL database
- Imported the MySQL database to the new server
- Changed to use the MySQL database
- Changed to point to the new repository location
- Changed to comment SOLR entries
- Renamed alf_data folder
- Put the MySQL connector in the lib folder

It all works well, I can see exactly the same information from the old server via browser (/alfresco or /share) but when I access via CIFS instead of seeing the folders from the repository that I copied, I see the folder that I created after testing the new installed server.

How can I see a repository (the right one) with the browser and a different one via CIFS?
Please help me on this because I have been more than 6 hours around this and can't solve it, and the new server can't go in production until this is solved.