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Renaming Site url/shortname causes Authority Not Found error

Question asked by cybertoast on Feb 1, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2012 by mvanle
When creating a site in /share and renaming it in /alfresco there's an inconsistency introduced in the site's group. For example, if a site is created in Share as SiteA, alfresco creates a user group called SiteA which has implicit site-manager roles. If the site is then renamed to SiteB from /alfresco's management interface, the group remains the same, but the site's URL changes. But when retrieving sites using the API call'api/sites'), I get the error: 01010007 An authority was not found for GROUP_site_siteb_SiteManager

But I don't seem to have a way to rename the URL through /share API.

Steps to reproduce:
* Create a new Public site in /share - Title = Site A, URL = SiteA
* Go to /alfresco as admin (or site creator)
* Change the "Name" value of the site (Company Home -> Sites -> SiteA -> Modify) to SiteB
* Create a dashlet in /share that retrieves a list of all public sites:

result ='/api/sites?');
* Result will contain the exception message above.

Is there an API call to both rename a site's short-name and set the appropriate internal Groups? Or is there a way to rename the group in /alfresco so that I can avoid this problem? Or am I just going about this the wrong way?