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FDS: Avoiding NoSuchObjectException during deployment

Question asked by dafyddjames on Jan 27, 2012
Hey folks, just thought I'd post a quick fix to an issue I was getting when trying to set up deployment from an Alfresco WCM web project to a File Deployment Server (FDS) running on a separate machine.

The FDS application was starting up just fine, showing success in the log files, but when trying to deploy from the web project I was getting this error:

java.rmi.NoSuchObjectException: no such object in table

It turned out that my FDS was binding to my loopback interface ( rather than the external IP of the box. This wasn't a problem on other hosts, since my FDS was defaulting to the external IP, but this host was using localhost by default for some reason.

The fix was to set the environment variable RMI_LISTEN_HOSTNAME:

# Set RMI_LISTEN_HOSTNAME to the hostname you wish the deployment server to listen on.
# See
# for more details.

Hopefully this solution will help other people in similar situations.