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childByNamePath(targetFile) returns null?

Question asked by targa2000 on Feb 1, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2010 by invictus9
I'm moving through the directory tree of the repository using a recursive function call in Javascript. 

In this recursive call, I'm using space.childByNamePath() to grab references to content and folders in the repository.  If I find a folder, I make a recursive call to the function and then parse the information in this subdirectory.  Its works well for the first folder and it's sub-folder, but more than 1 layer deep, space.childByNamePath() can' t seem to find the files.  Is there a depth limitation to space.childByNamePath()?  Also tried document.childByNamePath() but no better.  Is there another object and function I should use when traversing down the repository content and folder tree?