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why is me.isAdmin not working?

Question asked by jriker1 on Sep 29, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2009 by jriker1
I am trying to update Alfresco/root/projects/slingshot/source/web/components/site-members/site-members.js as below

if (me.isAdmin)
//         if (me.options.currentUserRole !== undefined &&
//             me.options.currentUserRole === "SiteManager")
             this.isCurrentUserSiteAdmin = true;

Will include the SiteManager piece also however for testing just took it out. As a system admin I do not have the ability to edit user's roles in a site so it doesn't seem to be honoring the isAdmin piece like it does in other JS files.  Am I doing something wrong?



Note:  Also should be noted that I do not get any javascript errors on the page with this so it seems it thinks it's a valid object/method maybe.