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Initial Users/Groups/Roles Sites Rules and permissions

Question asked by boevink on Feb 2, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2010 by savic.prvoslav
We are Using Alfresco as DMS in a development project.
We don't want to change the sources of Alfresco but want to make use of the customizable dictionary, site and permission structure.
Most likely we have to add custom REST web scripts and implement custom actions.

During development we likely have to 'reset' our environment.
I would like to know whether it is possible to:
- Add a predefined set of users/groups/roles
- Add a predefined set of sites
- Apply Rules to sites
- Add custom action implementations

I know I am able to bundle a custom dictionary into a Jar and put it on the classpath.
This also works for custom REST webscripts.
But is there also a way to easily define users/groups/roles.
Am i able to apply some Rules to specific sites?

I would like to end up with an environment where every developer could have its own alfresco installation that is equal for everyone an can be easily reset.
We actually don't care about the content (documents). These may be lost…
Can this be achieved by the extension structure where I need to create configuration files (XML) or do I need to create an action script that does it for me after we run it manually using the web interface?