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beginner question. Showing data entered via a form

Question asked by mightycoco on Sep 29, 2009

I just started looking into WCM (3.2). I looked into the getting-started-example. Not getting-started-enough for me ;)

I created a new web project and a form to enter some generic information. (Like the company-footer.xsd)
The data is correctly created in my sandbox. But i couldn't find a way to present this data in the website. Now there are only the xml's in the specified output directory when creating data via the form.
In the getting-started-example these files are listed with following code:

<c:forEach items="${pr:getPressReleasesInCategory(pageContext, category)}" var="pressRelease">
        <jsp:element name="a">
            <jsp:attribute name="href"><c:out value="${pressRelease.href}"/></jsp:attribute>
            <jsp:body><c:out value="${pressRelease.title}"/></jsp:body>

Well, as expected, that doesn't work in my web project as I couldn't find the place where the function getPressReleasesInCategory is defined.
maybe some could point me out the way to find getPressReleasesInCategory as a reference…