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custom type that works as an aggregation of files

Question asked by mzaranto on Sep 29, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2010 by groberts
Hi, I need to have a type of content made up of multiple files. Something like child associations (if I delete the "aggregating" content all files are deleted), but WITHOUT actual content in the type itself (only metadata).
A perfect example is Book/Chapter:
- Chapter is a content type with actual content in it.
- Book is simply a way to collect Chapters (as child associations, I suppose), but without content.
- In addiction, a Book can have 0 Chapters (IF the relation is parent-child, this can be simply done with "mandatory" set to false).

How can I model this? If I use associations, when I create a Book it asks me for content, but it is not needed! And if I import a file from my file system (using "add content") it lets me apply the Book type, but it is conceptually wrong!

Can anyone help me?