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About Kofax, doubts from a beginner. (Xml metadata importin)

Question asked by miguel.martins on Feb 2, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2010 by miguel.martins
My understanding of Kofax is that it generates a document and a xml document , according to some documents and wiki pages there is a release script that enables those to be saved onto alfresco but I dont have a working version of kofax to test it, so I would like to put some questions.

-Is it possible to grab those pairs of files and import their metadata automatically into alfresco?

-is it possible to have those files be directly saved onto an alfresco folder and the metadata content automatically processed?

-Does it require the new content types to be coded into alfresco or does it capture the metadata without the custom models being needed?

-if those are possible, what would be the normal process to set it up?

Thank you ahead of time for any light you might help to shed on those doubts.