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Upgrade binaries, configuration, runtimes, etc

Question asked by kilucas on Feb 2, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2010 by kilucas
The General Upgrade Process document on the wiki says that an upgrade entails a new installation of the Alfresco binaries and configuration. Is this what I get in the community 3.2r download at or is there another location where I find these? (I'd wondered whether the big zip file contained more than I needed to replace and hence whether its use might unduly disturb my current installation. And I thought I'd seen a page with a variety of downloads for example that included or excluded JDKs for example, but all the links I can currently find just take me to a simple community edition page with a single Windows download).

The wiki also says that I may have Alfresco Runtimes and a FileSystem Receiver. I have a fairly vanilla implementation of v3.0.0 on Windows XP and so am not clear whether I have these two things or not. Is there any easy way to tell perhaps?

Many thanks