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Problem creating content when not creator of the space

Question asked by glaenen on Sep 30, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2009 by sbudrez

I'm using the latest 3.2 nightly build ( from 25/09/2009 ) and I'm having problems creating content.
The problem occures both from Alfresco explorer and when accessing by cifs.

The space was created by an admin user in Company Home and a user is given the coordinator permission.
(Inherit parent space permissions is turned of but this doesn't make a difference)
When I try to create content in the Alfresco explorer with this user I get the following error message:

Please correct the errors below then click Finish.

    * A system error happened during the operation: 08300325 Access Denied. You do not have the appropriate permissions to perform this operation.

When I add a file to the space by cifs the file gets created but the size in 0 KB. If you then try open the file this message shows:

The node's content is missing:
   node: workspace://SpacesStore/6ff9da00-c8de-480d-bd40-53e3cf428835
   reader: null 
   Please contact your system administrator.

Creating a sub space however is no problem (again both from the explorer or cifs).
This space then of course has the non admin user as creator. And now in this sub space
you can create content without any problem.

Creating content with an other admin user gives no problem.