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new js not visible in list 'execute script'

Question asked by kay_be_ on Jan 31, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2013 by koopa
I added a simple js in 'data dictionary/scripts' folder.
var workflow = actions.create("start-workflow");
workflow.parameters.workflowName = "activiti$activitiAdhoc";
workflow.parameters["bpm:assignee"] = people.getPerson("valentine");
workflow.parameters["bpm:workflowDescription"] = "The attached document is uploaded in Alfresco, please review today.";
workflow.parameters["initiator"] = people.getPerson("kris");
var today = new Date();
var duedate = today.getDate() + 1;
workflow.parameters["bpm:workflowDueDate"] = duedate;
I named it advancedflow1.js and gave it a title. When I want to execute the script using a rule, the new js is not in the list. I already restarted Tomcat with no luck, file still isn't there. I don't think there is an error in the code and trying to rule that out I copied a piece of an example script into my advancedflow1.js but the file still does not appear. 
I'm using alfresco 4.0.c.
Is there anything I forgot? Can I flush caches in alfresco? Already flushed browser cache with no improvement.
Any advice on this is appreciated.