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URL Addressibility: external access to Share?

Question asked by s_turner on Jan 31, 2012

In our application we currently provide access into Alfresco Explorer using the Alfresco browse URL, (http://ourserver/alfresco/navigate/browse/...). When required a new browser window is opened displaying the contents of a given space. We append a ticket to the URL obtained via the Alfresco web service to authenticate the request.

I've been asked to get this working with Alfresco Share. I've searched the WIKI and forums but can't find any information related to equivalent URL access for Share. Is there a web script that would do this? I would want to land on the Share page that displays the document library at an arbitrary point in the folder structure.

Logging in to Share and navigating around the URL I'm interested in is:

Can this be accessed via a web script? And would I be able to authenticate it with a ticket?