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Rules not Running in a space

Question asked by newmember on Feb 3, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2016 by varshini
I have 56 rules on a space.
All rules are based on "inbound"
I have all of the rules running in the "background"
All the rules are to move the contents to other folders.

The rules don't seem to run.
When I go look I always see files in the folder.
When I "reapply all rules" in the folder all the files successfully move to the correct file.

So why wouldn't my rules run when files arrive?

I changed the rule to not "be run in the background" and it still did not execute when I file matching the conditions was put in the space.
However the file did run after I "reapplied the rules" in the space.

Alfresco 3.2CE