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Using custom properties with business rules?

Question asked by rbkprod on Feb 3, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2010 by rbkprod
I have a custom model that adds a few custom properties to an uploaded file, e.g.

    <aspect name="custom:InputFields">
    <title>custom file info</title>
           <property name="custom:language">
            <constraint ref="custom:langList"/>

<show-property name="custom:language"/>

Now I need to make a rule to say: If lang eq 'eng' THEN move the file to the Eng folder(space).
So I used : (if) Text Property 'custom:language' Equals To 'eng' –> move to space Eng; in a business rule for new added files.
That doesn't seem to work though. I am 100% this should be do-able, although no one seems to know how? I've looked through countless amounts of documentation and havent found scrap on this.(This is for an important project im working on). Please please please take a look and offer some advice;

Thanks in advance