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Passing values between workflow tasks

Question asked by azivotic on Feb 1, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2012 by jpotts

I have problem with passing property values between tasks. For example, i have in start task model defined property:

      <property name="mcwm:projectName">
         <title>Naziv projekta</title>

in share-config-custom.xml i show that property on start page and that's ok.

<show id="mcwm:projectName"/>

<field id="mcwm:projectName" set="general" />

Now on my second form i want to show the same field with value that is entered on start form. In model i didn't specify again this property for second task, i just wrote:

<type name="mcwm:preparationOfProjectCharter">

and in share-config-custom.xml copied first form configuration for second form with one little change in force="true" attribute:

<show id="mcwm:projectName" force="true"/>

<field id="mcwm:projectName" set="general" />
Now field is there on my second form but value that is entered on my first form isn't, do i have to do something else to succeed that?