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Install problems with NTLM and SSO

Question asked by kblackwel on Feb 3, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2010 by dward
Day 4

OK, going back to day 1.

Installed 3.2r. ntlm and sso we're not working.

Read the forum, someone said that there was a bug and to either get the nightly build, or wait for 3.3.
Well, I don't see any release info for 3.3, so i downloaded the nightly build.

To start I'm having mobile.war problems. Says it can't find webscript-framework-application-context.xml

If I look at my install of 3.2r


But with the nightly build, it can't find it. The war expanded, but no webscript-framework-application-context.xml

Can anyone recommend a fix or suggest a version that fixes the ntlm and sso problem that I can use?