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How to get rid of 'Enter at least 1 character(s)'

Question asked by nicolasraoul on Feb 2, 2012
Clients complained about having to enter at least 1 character when searching a user in Alfresco Share.

Using a tip from MikeH I wrote a humble HOWTO:
By doing this, the whole list of users appears, without having to type any character.

In Japan we have 4 different alphabets, which are interchangeable to a certain degree, so having to remember in which alphabet a particular user has chosen to type his name would be a major headache.
Details: The same person 山田太郎 can enter their name differently on different IT systems. While "山田太郎" would be OK in a resume database, "ヤマダタロウ" would be better in the paycheck IT system. Banks require to use "ヤマダタロウ" (half-size variant, different characters) while most websites require the latin alphabet for identifiers. Someone with a complex name might be tempted to use yet another alphabet. Some Alfresco systems I have seen contain a mix of all those.

Nicolas Raoul