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CIFS not displaying files inside the web project folder

Question asked by surajz on Feb 3, 2010
When I connect to alfresco server using CIFS (shared drive) I can see files that I added at X:\Data Dictionary\Web Forms\press-release
but I don't see any files that I uploaded on web project folder.
I copied a file to my shared drive inside a web project (for example, X:\Web Projects\project1) and executed __CheckInOut.exe . I see the uploaded file from ftp/webdav but I don't see it in alfresco browser (http://servername/alfresco).

Is there a good way to edit files inside alfresco web projects (without downloading the file for editing and uploading the edited file)?
Is it save to edit files on avm\projectname\HEAD\DATA\www\avm_webapps\ROOT?

Here is what I did to make CIFS work quickly
0. check step 3, to see if CIFS is working

if not
1. update

use domainname or dsndomainname commands to find out domain name and ifconfig
findout broadcast address.

2. start the alfresco as root

3. map network drive using using server ip or name

If that does not work, change  the CIFS related setting to debug on alfresco/tomcat/webapps/alfresco/WEB-INF/classes\
# CIFS server debugging