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Are We Just Doing Document Management???

Question asked by peterstb on Oct 1, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2009 by mrogers
Hi All,

We've recently started evaluating Alfresco as part of a larger ECM evaluation, including other commercial vendors.  We have installed 3.2 Community and have been doing some POC work to see if Alfresco will be a good fit!

Our company uses a proprietary framework, very similar to Struts, and I don't have my head around how we would take an entire application and pull it into a WCM framework, as there will be a lot of push-back to doing significant migrations or rewrites to get there.

Our POC approach has been to try and get content management into the hands of external administrator, rather than having them submit code change requests to get simple textual changes on pieces of web content, such as terms and conditions, FAQ's, etc…

We have created a SPACE for a client, and have added content, with the thoughts that we could simply provide them access to that content, through the Alfresco web console (Alfresco Explorer) to manage/change that content.  Our challenge is that we can't figure out how to take advantage of "sandbox" functionality, so that an administrator can preview their changes on the live site, vs. a regular user still seeing the live version of content.

We are using URL (web script) methods for accessing and presenting the content.  We perform a URL login call to get an alf_ticket, then use that alf_ticket to access content through subsequent URL calls.  This approach seems to work really well for accessing and displaying content, but it feels like we are really doing "document management", and not "web content management".

In this context, is there any way to take advantage of "sandbox" capabilities, so we can have different users viewing different content, based on what's checked out/in (working copy previews)?  I've considered creating rules on the space to look for anything created with "(Working Copy)" in the name, and having that copy a live version of the content to a preview folder, but that causes a lot of work for the front-end to handle that.

Any thoughts, suggestions or recommendations?

Are we over-complicating what it might take to migrate an existing MVC/Java application to WCM?

Any input is greatly appreciated!

Best Regards,