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Alfresco and Active Directory authentication

Question asked by bruno.galindro on Oct 1, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2009 by elmuchacho
Hi all,
     I have configured Alfresco 3.2 to search for users in Active Directory base. How the best config I can do to solve these following requirements?

1 - Only users that are within a specific group in a specific OU can access Alfresco. e.g.: cn=alfresco,ou=internal_access,dc=domain,dc=com  <– This means a alfresco group inside internal_access OU

2 - When I delete a user on domain, that user needs to be deleted on afresco too.

3 - When I remove a user from the group, the access of that user to Alfresco must be denided.

4 - The Active Directory user cannot be deleted from Alfresco.