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An update on Forge

Question asked by resplin on Feb 3, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2012 by resplin
A few months ago I posted about our plans to deprecate Alfresco Forge:

I want to provide an update on those efforts.

* In December we disabled new account creation and new project registration in Forge.

* A few weeks ago we sent out an email to all Forge users notifying them that they should migrate their active projects to another service and list them at Alfresco Add-ons.

* We received feedback that we should keep the existing data in Forge accessible through the supported lifetime of Alfresco 3.x. We evaluated how to achieve that request, and concluded that it would be necessary to migrating Forge into our new IT infrastructure. Unfortunately it was not possible to do that with the old version of Forge that we were running, and a migration to a new version of Forge was necessary.

* As we upgraded Forge and made the migration to the new infrastructure, we had some unplanned problems and a significant outage. We apologize for that. It also appears that our testing resulted in some emails about project maintenance tasks being sent to Forge users. We apologize for that as well.

Tomorrow Forge should be accessible again. It will look a little newer, but will have all of the same data. New account creation and new project registration are still disabled. Some URLs changed, so you should check if any links you have to the service need updating.

Feel free to contact us with any feedback you might have. Definitely let us know if you notice any missing data or have problems accessing the service.

We still expect to close Forge to further edits this month. We highly recommend the following actions:

* Please move your active projects to another hosting service.

* Please link to your project's new home from the project's current page in Forge.

* Please list your project at with a link to the new home.

Thank you for your participation in the Alfresco community.


The Alfresco Team