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Alfresco CIFS problems

Question asked by fmorales on Oct 2, 2009

We have installed alfresco 2.2 entrerprise (official customer) under Centos 5.3 64 bits OS in a PE 2950 with 8G of RAM and one quadcore.

Our network is fine.

All works fine, but I notice that CIFS is very unstable, and users usually tell me that they have problems
when trying to copy large files or multiple files to an Alfresco directory using CIFS. Users has windows XP SP2/SP3.

I can see that somepeople have same errors with alfresco 3.x … even there is a open ticked in jira asking about it:


Does anybody know if CIFS works fine in Alfresco 2.2 enterprise?

Does anybody know if the error that you can see in the following links could be in 2.x version too?


Any help would be very apreciated.

Thanks a lot