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FreeMarker: listing all the properties of an aspect.

Question asked by fbousson on Feb 4, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2010 by fbousson

I'm currently developing custom views in FreeMarker which are used to create an overview / report.

Is it possible to list all the properties that are defined on an aspect using Freemarker? (doesn't matter if the user has filled in that property or not)

At the moment I'm having trouble with the following:

I have a folder with a custom FreeMarker view.
There is content in that folder. That content has one of my custom aspects.
This custom aspects has properties.

So far, I'm able to list which aspects are or the content.
If a value of a property of that aspect has been filled in, that property will be available on the content properties. (I thought it would be defined on the aspect…)

Is it possible to list all the properties defined on an aspect? I need this to generate a report which of the properties are filled in and which are still missing.

I have a lot of aspects with a lot of properties that I need to check if they're filled in. So hardcoding everything isn't really an option.

kind regards,
Frederick Bousson