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Migrating from Samba to Alfresco share

Question asked by freebsdboy on Oct 2, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2009 by freebsdboy
We're just getting started learning and testing things out (per-deployment).

I've for Community version 3.2 running on a Centos 5.3 box.
Can login etc.. to the http://localhost:8080/share
and vi CIFS \\alfrescobox\Alfresco

Now How do I get my content (documents, powerpoint, images etc..) from my current network drive share to the
Alfresco share.
While keeping file attributes like
data modified, created
document owner, creator

When moving between linux file server we just use rsync and all those are preserved.  Is there such a tool for
loading or migrating content to the Alfresco content store?