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Share extensibility with template

Question asked by lotharmärkle on Feb 5, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2012 by ddraper

while exploring the nice 4.x features for share extensibility - I would like to replace a page template for a specifc site only. From the blogs here and the docs here it seems that it is only possible to replace <region/> directives.

To clarify the requirements…since 4.x the document-details page uses  a new layout showing just the document preview and the document actions list. To view the custom properties of the document you have to scroll down. This is (user-level point of view) not very usage-friendly, and there is also not much place left to customize the form. Also, if scrolling down to view the properties, the preview goes away.

I tought it would be best to replace the template of the document-details page, to show the preview, properties form and actions side by side(very much like in 3.4.x).

So is it possible to replace a template for a page on a specific site completly - not just component-bindings? And if not, how could I add it to*?