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document library relication problem

Question asked by clarencemei on Feb 5, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2010 by clarencemei
Hi, i have setup two site replication ,but it doesn't good work in document library!
I copy some folder and files to site1–shard driver–site–TEST–documentlibrary,i can find all files in site2–shard driver–site–TEST–documentlibrary
It has a big problem for me
In site1  (http:// 1:8080/share/): It has all folder and file    
In site2  (http:// 2:8080/share/): only can see folder not any file
In site1  (http:// 1:8080/alfresco/): It has all folder and file    
In site2  (http:// 2:8080/alfresco/):  It has all folder and file
What's problem? How to debug it ? Have any solution?

Please help me!