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Invisible properties

Question asked by sbudrez on Oct 3, 2009
I am a novice to alfresco, and I'm following Jaff Potts deveopers series (found at
I am still working on the first one: "Alfresco Developer: Working with Custom Content Types, but I'm getting a little problem and I hope that you might give me some help.
I have already created a topic in the Alfresco Explorer Development forum, but I post it again here to get more visibility and hopefully more hints  :)

Following the developers guide, I have created the various .xml and .properties files and placed them in my extension folder. It seems to work all corrcertly, except that I can't see the new properties I've defined (published, active?, product and version; as it is graphically shown in the giude) in the properties window of the new document types (for example a whitepaper). The only new property i can see is a mysterious "product related" property.

At the end of the article (under: "Where to find more information") I found the complete source code for the examples. I have take the files under the extension directory and copied it into my alfresco extension directory, but i get the same problem exposed before. The only file among these 5 not mentioned in the developer guide is the "" file, but I exclude it might be somehow related to my property problem.
What could be the problem in your opinion?