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Creating and Retrieving thumbnails for documents

Question asked by arpit.gupta on Feb 6, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2012 by jpfi
Hello Friends,

I want to create thumbnails for new documents uploaded in alfresco.
I am uploading documents using web scripts. I have added code for creating thumbnails in my upload script.

Some code from script…

  upload = companyhome.createFile("upload" + companyhome.children.length + "_" + filename) ;; = "UTF-8"; = title;
  upload.specializeType("propco:documents"); = description;;
  upload.createThumbnail("thumbnailPreview", true);

Now when i try to access thumbnail using a GET call

i got an exception that  " The thumbnail name 'thumbnailPreview' is not registered ".

I am sure i am missing something. But i am unable to figure it out.
So can someone please help me in this…