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Delete ContentStore.deleted in Alf_data

Question asked by jlabuelo on Oct 5, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2016 by mfneirae
Hi all

I have a question about the deleted content that we produce in Alfresco. Normally when you delete an item (document…) this is not removed from your application and gets stored in the ContentStore.deleted folder in alf_data.

To finally remove it from the Alfresco system, we need to go to the admin screen "Manage Deleted Items" and in there Restore/Remove the content.

What we do is removing the content in that screen so we make sure it is not in the Alfresco system and it does not takes space in the hard disk.
At this moment we have no content/item to remove in the Alfresco UI, however we have a ContentStore.deleted folder of 7 GB. This is taking space for the Backup in the hard disk that we will not use.

How can we get rid of these 7 GB's in the ContentStore.deleted? I know we can not just remove the content of the folder from alf_data

Thanks a lot in advance for your help