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Deleting and managing tags

Question asked by bboeri on Feb 7, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2012 by mikeh
Asked this question in another forum but got no responses.  I'm wondering if anyone here knows the answer: "How to delete a tag?" Deleting tags is very important, since otherwise your list of tags gets very large and any misspelled tags add to the bloat. 

I believe that tags are Share-wide, not just specific to a site within Share. Is this true?. If so, the bloat (and consequent need to be able to remove tags) is even more important.

Lastly, even if tags can be removed, can they be removed only by an administrator? Or can they be removed by anybody? Do rights apply to tags? That is, can I remove my own tags but not yours unless I have proper permissions?
I can't find answers to any of these questions or when poking around Share, HELP or the Packt literature.