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Share SSO with Yale CAS client

Question asked by nikes on Feb 7, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2012 by nikes

We have configured CAS SSO solution for Alfresco WebClient and Share
CAS Client: cas-client.2.0.11.jar
Alfresco: 3.4.3  EE

We implemented it in previous versions like 3.2.r and 3.2.11 and both Alfresco and Share SSO worked fine.

In case of 3.4.3, Alfresco works fine without any code change. But Share SSO fails.
In log it shows following
Unable to find credentials for endpoint alfresco

I have enabled debug mode for all the CAS related classes and observed the calling mechanism.

Issue is, When I hit the Share url (eg. http://server:port/share), it shows CAS login page, I provide the credentials,
1.  It hit "/share/" and gets a proxy ticket from CAS and calls a webscript
2. It hiys "/share/site/index-page" and again it gets a proxy ticket not sure why it generates proxy ticket 2 times
3. Then it shows "Unable to find credentials for endpoint alfresco".

Could any one help me how could I debug more in this case.

Please let me know if any code snippet would be useful.