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Edit user-name (login) of any user

Question asked by cybertoast on Oct 5, 2009
I've got a weird problem thanks to an LDAP misconfiguration. I initially had a domain suffix to my UserName to be passed to my LDAP server, but now am removing that requirement and just passing in a domain-free login. But what's happening is that users who logged in with a domain name now have 2 accounts on Alfresco. For instance I have and bob both as users in System Users.

There does not seem to be any way for me to change the user's login, or to merge users. I tried going directly to the database, but it's a bit convoluted exactly where user accounts are stored and what can be changed.

What I'd like to know is what table/record/column to edit to merge users and to change their logins. I suspect I'll have to do this a few times as I understand how authentication chaining works, and also to manage users conveniently, so understanding the database hooks would probably be a good thing. Either that or an API that I can use to make the edits (tho' that seems more daunting :) ).