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Button ObjectFinder random display

Question asked by david67 on Feb 8, 2012
I'm using an ObjectFinder component from the Alfresco API into a Blog-post edit page. The page contains others components such as buttons from the Yahoo's development API. All the widgets and components are displaying properly after the render() method call and when the page is ready, except the ObjectFinder. Indeed, sometimes it appears when the page loads and sometimes not. What I've noticed is that, when it displays, it's the last component to display. The rest of the components are appearing all at the same time. The problem could be related with the ObjectFinder declaration or it could be linked with the render() function's execution time but nothing seems to indicate it. I've used the Network option from Chrome's page inspection tool in order to check the loading times of the differents events, but there is no significative difference between the loading time of the Dom when the ObjectFinder displays properly and when it doesn't display.
Chrome Developer tools and Firebug don't find errors.

The declaration of this object is the following :

      //initialize category 
      var objectFinder = new Alfresco.ObjectFinder( + "-cntrl", + "_prop_cm_categories");
          compactMode: false,
          currentValue: this._getCategoriesString(),
          //currentValue: "workspace://SpacesStore/781f1694-b76d-4ef6-8e31-6cbb7817efae,workspace://SpacesStore/f1aea6de-bc0a-405a-a47e-25d0bb5f7c57",
          field: "categories",
          mandatory: false,
          maxSearchResults: 100,
          minSearchTermLength: 1,
          selectActionLabel: this.msg(""),

          createNewItemIcon: "",
          createNewItemUri: "",
          itemFamily: "category",
          itemType: "cm:category",
          maintainAddedRemovedItems: false,
          multipleSelectMode: true,
          params: "",
          parentNodeRef: "alfresco://category/root"
So, if anyone has an idea…