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Model and form deployment

Question asked by matthieulaborie on Feb 8, 2012
Latest reply on May 1, 2012 by arnoldschrijver

I've been developping the model designer addons for share I think such module could be provided in alfresco core and will help for cloud personalisation. I will be please to help for it.

Anyway I'm experimenting some issue deploying model and forms. Now allow to deploy model, but only incremental changes. Is there a plan to allow it to be more flexible ? There is also a lot of TODO in this file is there a plan to complete it?
It will also be nice to have a way to draw back deploy error to the user Interface. As a way around I'm thinking to check first the model to find potential errors and display it before trying to  deploy.

For forms, is there a way to allow to deploy share config files directly from the repository? It will be really nice!
For now I have made a patch that allow to deploy config files from a directory on the filesystem.
At startup share look for all configs files in this directory. I can make the same, looking for files in the repository but I not sure that it's a good solution to make a webscript call to the repository at share startup. Any idea on how to make that?