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Problem with copiedFrom Aspect and Actions

Question asked by hf409 on Oct 7, 2009
Latest reply on May 23, 2013 by wissam.aboujaoude
Hi all,

i have the following structure:
- Template1 (read access for admin only)
- Template2 copied from Template1 from admin
- Folder1 copied from Template2 as user. This folder gets an action.

When I try to delete Folder1 as user I get an AccessDeniedException. This is due to
the action in Folder1. On deletion it is checked that all rules are executed, following
back all copiedFrom links. As I have no read access to Template1 the exception is thrown.

I am not sure why this check is necessary - maybe someone can give me a hint?
I don't want to give read access to Template1, so the other option seems to remove
the copiedFrom aspect. Is it save to do so, or will it break something else?

Thanks for any help,