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Managing sub-forums and RSS

Question asked by yannbizeul on Feb 8, 2010
Hello folks,

I'm new to alfresco, I was looking for a collaborative solution for my company for a very long time. After seeing prices from Jive Software, I finally decided to give Alfresco a try.

One of the most interesting feature of SBS I'm looking for is their forum. I know Alfresco is not a forum software, but I hope it could be good enough for my needs.

For that, I need to organize discussions a minimum, but it seem to not be possible out-of-the-box to manager groups of discussion, share providing a single discussion space.

Using explorer, is there a way to tweak this aspect ?

Now if this is not possible, tagging discussion can be a fair workaround, but in that case, I need a way to subscribe tag-specific RSS feeds, is that possible ?

Thank you !