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Invitees with more than one first and or last name

Question asked by bwesaala on Oct 7, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2009 by gronfelt
I have an issue when making external invitations. I work in an international organization and it is common to find a situation where an invitee to an Alfresco Share site has more than one first and or last name. For example my own name is Brian Stephen Wesaala, so I may have 'Brian Stephen' as my first name and 'Wesaala' as my last name. However, if I fill this out in the external invitations form the link sent to the invitee to access the share site is broken because of the space between Brian and Stephen. The link sent is:


as opposed to, I presume:


The invitee is therefore unable to access the share site through the link!