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SSO with Kerberos/ Jaas doesn´t work

Question asked by alfone on Oct 7, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2010 by shineg

my problem seems so easy, but i go crazy without a solution.

My Situation:
i set up alfresco 3.2 community edition on a linux-machine
and i want to authenticate against Kerberos…

Without Kerberos everything works fine. i see the cifsdrive can login over my webbrowser…everything is ok :!:

when i start with kerberos most things seem to be right.
the cifs server get the ticket from KDC, the same for the httpserver.
Now, when i try sso with my browser FF3.5/ IE i only can see a white space and the server redirect to
- -

My problem:

where i have to enable, that the users are able to authenticate against Kerberos/ Jaas.
or where are the user informationen stored?
or what is to do??

thanks for you help!