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Can I integrate Alfresco with our current website(POJO)

Question asked by gyang on Oct 7, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2012 by vinothkumar
Hello, everyone,

Our company already has a website developed using plain java, mysql,  jsp, html and other javascript tools. The web server is tomcat. Now I am evaluating different java  content management systems and see if I can find one that we could integrate into our permissions scheme and allow certain users to perform updates to the marketing web pages and all other files served by the web server.    We also need to set a date/time for when a file will first be available.  So the user wants to be able to upload something but tell the system “don’t show it until next Tuesday”.

I already did research on OpenCms and asked my questions there, but didn't get any answers. So now I am doing research on Alfresco.

So is that possible to integrate Alfresco to our current j2EE website to fulfill the tasks I described above, as an attachment? If so, how?

There are certain pages with similar questions, but I am not sure if their situation is the same as ours:

Please advise!