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How to point Alfresco Share to a specific Alfresco instance?

Question asked by cantoni on Feb 9, 2012
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Yesterday I configured two Alfresco in the same Tomcat instance.

Inside webapps I have the following folders:

alfresco (3.4) ( (database: alfresco) (dir.root=/dados/alfresco/alf_data)
alfresco40 (4.0)  ( (database: alfresco_40) (dir.root=/dados/alfresco_40/alf_data)
share (3.4)
share40 (4.0)

In the (4.0) I had to change the TCP ports of several services. To use two (or more) I had to change the tomcat6/webapps/alfresco/WEB-INF/classes/alfresco/core-services-context.xml.

Now I have two Alfresco Explorer working fine in the same Tomcat instance.

My problem is with Alfresco Share. When I access share40 the data (sites, my tasks, etc) are of alfresco (3.4). But I need that share40 points to alfresco40.

How can I configure share40 to point to alfresco40 instance?

Sorry my english. :-)

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