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lucene in java

Question asked by gokceng on Oct 7, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2009 by openpj
hi everyone,
i did a lucene search in javascript in alfresco.
I've constructed a search string and

model.searchString = searchString;

var results = search.luceneSearch(searchString);
model.documents = results;

was enough. But in java side how can i do that?  I've seen some codes for lucene search in Java.
Under some functions exists for search process named query:

ResultSet   query(SearchParameters searchParameters)
          Search using the given SearchParameters
ResultSet   query(StoreRef store, QName queryId, QueryParameter[] queryParameters)
          Execute a canned query
ResultSet   query(StoreRef store, java.lang.String language, java.lang.String query)
          Search against a store.
ResultSet   query(StoreRef store, java.lang.String language, java.lang.String query, QueryParameterDefinition[] queryParameterDefintions)
          Search against a store.

for the 3rd query function: is query parameter of that function same of the search string constructed in javascript side or do i need to generate a new one? Also for Company Home\abc space what will be the my storeRef parameter?